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December 26, 2001

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a city came together in my hands

Sarah & I are housesitting for Bruce & Connie.
They live in an underrated area with stunning views
of Lake Washington. I won't say where for fear of
starting an avalanche. From where I stood, the last e-
vidence of sunset was a distant snowpeak lit up pink,
the surface of the water divided up like countries.
On the walk home from the supermarket, Sarah and I
found a bundle of lumber good for making shelves
(though what I think they really need is a stool for the
kitchen). In the basement, I measured and cut the
wood, marked the spots for screws, but then I couldn't
find any drillbits. Three drills, yes, but not one bit. I
started straightening as I vainly searched, asking
myself, "How do these people make holes?" In the
end, the workshop was thoroughly neatened and I
built a little city out of woodscraps with a blue
plastic bag sky behind it. The yellow scrubby looked
nice, and then there was that cap, so I snapped a few
pics then went upstairs to the kitchen where the beans,
rice, and salsa were prepared. The drilling could wait--
the holes that weren't there weren't going anywhere.