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December 24, 2001

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you CAN get there from here

Is it Christmas already? OK, Christmas Eve. Whatever. Either way, the morning sun melts the frost while I wait at the bus stop to go downtown in search of a rampwalking hedgehog like the one Connie bought. The bus is empty but for the driver when I get on. I'm amazed by the beauty of the view running along 31st Ave, a high ridge above Lake Washington, Mt. Rainier a silvery silhouette like a waxpaper cut-out on the horizon. The sun through the bus window feels good. It's like riding in the back of a limo. I find a good book of aerial photographs for Sarah on First Avenue, pick up a Reglar Wiglar for Anne, chat with Brad, then hit the superstore for some individually wrapped nuts and screws to work on a surprise gift for someone who must for now remain nameless. I did the work outside the automatic electric eye sliding doors and then rode the gift along the canal, enjoying its new seat and horn.