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December 27, 2001

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Seattle is the city of 10,000 steps.
The New York Times acknowledged this fact.
There's nothing better than walking down a dead end street
only to find a secret staircase tucked in the trees.
This is the world people trapped in cars never see.
I love the alleys, too--human views of backyards,
trashcan tulips, and basketballs.

My favorite is S. Horton, which I shorten to Shorton,
a passage worthy of Barcelona, with a stepped gutter
that runs under a dogleg landing and empties
at bottom out the mouth of a bronze lion god.
Sarah and I saw it spouting for the first time
the other night (after a day of off-and-on rain)
and I cupped my hands under its fangs,
splashed the cold pure water on my face.