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January 9, 2001

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i can feel myself
moving towards it
past the child's toy
discarded on the
past the broken beer
bottle neck
w/ the cap still
twisted on
past the cars
that pass me
and return
back from their
wheretos whos
and whens



i can feel it
when i stop
open the book
take out a pen

it's happy hour again
we're all happy
a patron says
we're all happy
the barmaid echoes
a cell phone rings
a CD plays
the TV is on
with the sound down
and my camera
chooses this moment
to turn itself off

a cop walks in
to George & Dragon
"Everybody better be
having a good time
or else there's gonna
be trouble"
the blonde at the bar
leans over and hugs
him, introduces him
to her friend, teases
him about his taser
as the waitress
leans in to me, asks
"Another Guinness?"
it's getting dark
outside but
the only effect
is to make it seem
brighter in here.
I wait for my beer,
I try to disappear...
a loving couple
watches a fire
on TV
happy thanks
to a pill that
makes him more
my Guinness
is foamy
drips down the glass
the waitress
"It's pouring thick
I don't know why."
i don't either.
i'm in here with my
tiny writing and
eyestrain in what
i take to be
immortal gloom
but is just a pub
Tuesday afternoon