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January 10, 2001

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After salmon and backgammon at the PI I was hankering for more conversation but Sarah wanted to sew. Sitting on the toilet I was about to feel sorry for myself when Radek the Czech I'd met at UJD koncert called to arrange a swap of language lessons. I left a message for Elenka to join us at the Buck where we got the corner table and discussed Karel Kryl, Plastic People of the Universe, and the not-quite-rightness of imported Pilsener Urquell. Dobrou noc we said when she left and talked about carpentry, welding, and Radek's life's dream: keeping honeybees. Jeste jednou? (The eternal Czech question--"One more?" The answer is always, "Of course!") Pouring another chipped pitcher of Rainier, lighting blue American Spirits, we're joined by a professional mushroom picker from Prague who'd overheard our conversation as scratchy Herb Alpert lp spun on the bar's turntable. 2 minutes to 2, last call, "Now get the fuck out!" the bartender yells as the lights go down. Back home over Jaegermeister and a fire we talked till 4:30 about Czech conscription, Canadian customs, and the Bush coup d'etat, no doubt influenced by Kryl CD's dated politix until Hana Hegerova came on and we stopped being so indignant, ate some crackers, and split up, happy to have shared our common tongue.