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January 8, 2001

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my father frantisek zverina (top
                                  row) with his parents and siblings,
                                  Czechoslovakia circa 1939
My brother by another mother emailed this to me today. He first contacted me
when he found this page after doing a search on our father's name.
That's my father in the middle, age 19. He kinda looks like me. He died when I was 3.

when i was a child
i wanted to live forever
in photographs--the way
distant relatives inhabited
their tranquil sepia squares
in the immortal family album:
red velvet binding w/ wind-up
music box under glass
built into the back cover,
the key string was frayed
and the pane was cracked
but those great and great great
relatives remained intact
as they had always been
and i was anxious to join them
in unperturbed perfection.