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February 20, 1999

Read any good books lately?

series by sarahSarah's sister Rebecca--such biblical names! I wonder what the good book says about water. Will the beast of Revelation come to pollute it? Won't He be disappointed to find we've beaten him to it, Cuyahoga River aflame and no place safe to drink. Last summer Rebecca worked for West Virginia Forest Service, following old logging roads into woods after substitute DJ stint on local morning radio gospel hour, dipping test tubes into rivers silty with runoff from overlogged hills whose faces wore worry lines of erosion. Another summer she worked in the mountains, which the doctor said improved her vision because she focused on such a great distance. Back at rural home for Christmas where as a child they wouldn't flush for days when the well was low, rinsed plastic bags are set up to dry, a family tradition, arranged like beasts in a manger.

photo by mom
october 1998