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A novel by Robert Zverina
Paperback: 116 pages
ISBN 1480045608

BUZZ is a dark but brilliant story. It raises the question of whether you can be somewhere yet not be there at all—the moon, a neighborhood in New York City, a country or even a life. It shows us human experience through the distorted lenses of space suits, technology, totalitarianism, immigration, wealth, poverty and alcoholism. It also shows us brief moments when those distorted lenses are pulled away and we’re forced to glimpse reality in both beautiful and horrifying ways. Buzz could also be seen as a metaphor for America’s (and Humanity’s) two hundred year binge on technology, alcohol, drugs and wealth and what happens when that binge finally comes to an end. If you like Milan Kundera, Franz Kafka, Ralph Ellison, Sylvia Plath, Henry Miller or Flannery O’Connor, you’ll like this book. It is superbly written.

Picture of the Day Selections (printed on-demand by Presto Photo)
                            - A PoD Compilation
40 full-color selections from 20 years of Picture of the Day. This love letter to bicycling touches on Critical Mass, commuting, touring in Europe, urban cycling, budding romance on two wheels, and more.
40 pp, saddlestitched softcover $14.99
Don't Waste Words - PoD Poetry
Don't Waste Words
32 screen captures from Picture of the Day (www.zverina.com) selected for their brevity and poetic thrust. A strong representative sampling of creative nonfiction from this pioneering literary blog (est. 1997).
32pp, flat-spine softcover $17.99

The digital word made flesh, 626 screen captures from the first 20 years of Robert Zverina's seminal Picture of the Day website (www.zverina.com), arranged chronologically in attractive hardcover, full-color volumes that are weighty and dense as textbooks, a perfect coffee table or bedside companion with a rich variety of photography and quirky true life stories suitable for random browsing or reading straight through.

Volume 1: 1998 - 2009
Hardcover, 298pp $135

Volume 2: 2009 - 2016
Hardcover, 328pp $135
PoD 20-year retrospective collection,
                        2-volume book
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DVDs (Don't give up on DVDs! They're the vinyl LPs of the future--archival and collectible!)
robZtv: epic video memoir
The decisive moment street photography approach of Henri Cartier-Bresson updated for the digital age. Thousands upon thousands of brief pocket video clips--each 30 seconds or shorter--capture poetic glimpses of life's unexpected beauty, pathos, and humor, organized in chronological order for narrative effect. This inimitable video series makes excellent background visuals for bands or parties. Each disc a full 120 minutes and automatically loops back to beginning. Set it and forget it. $12.99 each.
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MUSIC (downloads via bandcamp.com)

Otherwise Intelligent People - Slide to
                            Unlock album link
Otherwise Intelligent People is a one-man-band constantly at odds with itself over artistic differences.
OIP S'punk
                            link to bandcamp
S'PUNK is the real broken-hand blues, improvised into busted tape recorder, hand in cast from skateboard crash.
POST NO BILLS LP link to bandcamp
PNB was Windows 95 system sounds looped in a 4-track sampler and recorded to cassette, instant 1998 obsolescence.


Jazzmans LP link to bandcamp
Jazzmans lurches from jazz-inflected improvs to minimal post-punk jams and steps in some other genres in between.
                            album cover link to bandcamp
APE is Jesse Paul Miller and Robert Zverina at their least evolved.
Wombat s/t
                          album cover link to bandcamp
WOMBAT wants to play your divorce, feat. Ratz Riverbone & Ratwing Hamwitt.


An absurdist art collective masquerading as a rock band, 4Shadows has met weekly since 2008 to record improvised music, genre-hopping between rock, blues, metal, punk, synth-pop, psychedelia, and more abstract forms that have no name. Regular collaborators are Will Kitchen, Rich Lehl, Jesse Paul Miller, Robert Millis, Matt Wainwright, and Robert Zverina.
4Shadows link to bandcamp
DESIGNS (created on-demand by Zazzle)
Apparel, stickers, and mugs
ARTWORK (direct from me to you)
Jigsaw puzzle mash-up
All the Right Pieces in the Wrong Place, 2017
Custom jigsaw puzzle mash-up, 38"x29"
Limited to an edition of 10

Two 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzles of original photos mixed and matched by hand to create a composite image. Made to order, limited to an edition of 10, unframed, scaled pricing.

#1 $1,500 SOLD
#2 $1,500 SOLD
#3 $1,500          INQUIRE
#4 $3,000
#5 $6,000
#6 $12,000
#7 $24,000
#8 $48,000
#9 $96,000
#10 NFS      

More one-of-a-kind art and custom prints coming soon!
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