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I have been volunteering on the Kalakala every Wednesday since August 2000. It had been ten years since I welded, but thanks to the patience and excellent guidance of volunteer coordinator Bill Vaegemast I quickly got up to speed. Along the way, I've shot lots of pictures of the various volunteers and the work we've done.

These are low-resolution .jpgs. Click on the small picture for larger versions. High-resolution .tifs for publication are available by writing rob (at) zverina.com.

You can read the fascinating story of this historic vessel here.

andi pihl

andi pihl

andi pihl

Andi Pihl rust-busting with needle scaler and on car deck with cutting torch

steve anderson & bill vaegemast

bill vaegemast

andi pihl & jed murdock

Steve Anderson and Bill figure out what to do next

Bill bends channel iron for an arch

Andi & Jed peer down through a hole in the deck

bill vaegemast

andi pihl

jed murdock

Azur welds a beam in place

Andi cuts the sheet

Jed trims with cutting torch

oxy-acetylene set-up

oxy set-up on cardeck

in rod we trust

Our friend oxy-acetylene

Oxy set-up on the cardeck

Welding rod awaits use


rob ballroom

Ballroom bulkhead being replaced

Rob at the drill press

Andi & Bill plan their next task

Want to volunteer? The only skills necessary are a willingness to work hard and get dirty.
Just show up any Wednesday at 10 a.m.

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all photos copyright Robert Zverina. Permissions granted upon request.


The Kalakala is moored at the north end of Lake Union near Gasworks Park at 2505 N. Northlake Way.
Please don't park in the Skansonia's lot. Parking is available on the street.
Thanks, we look forward to seeing you there!