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A Plea to Keep It Simple

There are many different visions for what the Kalakala should be--high-tech conference center, maritime museum, vintage car collection garage, cultural center, etc. What these plans fail to acknowledge is that the Kalakala magic has been at work since it returned to Seattle in November, 1997. Even gutted and rusty, the Kalakala served as the most exciting event space in Seattle for a number of music, film, theater, and dance performances. The reason it no longer does so is the fire marshall has declared that no more than 49 people may be on board at any time, due to there being only one fire exit. This obstacle could be overcome simply by securing new moorage which would allow for exits at both ends of the vessel. Once this happens, the ship could once again host events.

The Kalakala has also been an incubator for artists. Every Monday night, I and half a dozen other regulars have been meeting to pour bronze and aluminum fittings for the ship, in addition to our own small sculpture projects. I had no experience in foundry work before this, but thanks to the excellent tutelage of deckmaster Bill Vaegemast, I've acquired new confidence and skills. The potential of the Kalakala as a workspace for artists in all media is unmatched, yet, due to lack of funding for a paid staff, this potential is being wasted.

I think the long-term vision for the Kalakala is great--the Foundation is doing all it can to get the engine running and move the project towards its ambitious goals. BUT! More could be done now, if only more people knew about the project's most urgent needs.

Won't you please help get the word out? Simply subscribe to my Unofficial Kalakala e-Newsletter. I'll send a monthly update on the boat's progress, including many cool pictures of the inside story, as well as concrete, simple suggestions for ways you can help get the boat jumping once again as the #1 event space in Seattle.

~rob Z

This is one volunteer's opinion.
It does not reflect the position of the Kalakala Foundation.

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The Kalakala is moored at the north end of Lake Union near Gasworks Park at 2505 N. Northlake Way.
Please don't park in the Skansonia's lot. Parking is available on the street.
Thanks, we look forward to seeing you there!