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from Clean Asshole Poems & Smiling Vegetable Songs
by Peter Orlovsky

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From the dedication:

"...cheerfulley dedicated to worms & worm castings, kitchen vegitable organic wastes collected & composted to back yard garden spots, gathering fall leaves for more composting, pooling ol human manure back to garden-land, planting as maney nut & fruit trees as I can every May, improveing the growing black organic power of soils whare ever I be, keeping a big eye on commercial fertilizer use because it burns the liveing organisms in the soil. The soils in farm land America have gone from bad to unbelieveable worse by irrosion & over use the decades & soil 'gone down hill'."


Good fuck with Denise
                       she laying face down
                                      from her rear
                                               I pounding in
                                      squashing against her ass,
good long full come
                             with cock joint twisting in
                                             good throbbing
the feeling inside cock near joint good feeling there.

Sleeping outside on wooden platform,
bat sweeking flying around in dark.

Working day tomorrow
carprentary naked
good color on my ass & balls & hip & groin sections,
very luckey this summer!
My first time in 41 years I get to work naked
How luckey can I be!
There arent maney people in the world this summer
who can boast working tan assed man on the job
                       nailing roff on
                       putting up board & batton
                       painting rafter beams waterproof
                       nailing tung & gruve floor boards tight
a wooden jem retreat meditation little house
we built in Serra Nevadas
                       & quite a few times
                       the sun gave me a warm kiss
                       on the center of my ass hole
wile bending deep down doing some funney work.

Aug 5th, 1974 Sierra Nevada

Review: Clean Asshole Poems & Smiling Vegetable Songs
Funny poems from Allen Ginsberg's lover. Like old Ezra Pound, Orlovsky eschewed proper spelling in deference to word essence. Soul is connection between mouth and asshole, empty without both, all parts of meat vehicle and cosmic connections celebrated here. Orlovsky's anatomical candor resonates with soapy wiping station in Kerouac's Dharma Bums (no pun?) and Burroughs' famous line from Naked Lunch: Gentle Reader, we glimpse god through our assholes in the flashbulb of orgasm. This is a sweet little pocket-sized book, out of print, admired by Williams, assigned by Allen Ginsberg in his Beat Lit class at Brooklyn College. Let it tickle you.

CAT HAIKU (p. 70):
Cat throughing up in all the rooms
              Is that my heaven to clean up vomit
                           well! here I am in the city tickling floors

* This poem is reprinted for educational purposes *

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