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February 5, 2001
Can't live without 'em...
Between drinking and puking, Bukowski found time for fucking.

January 16, 2001
Holy Ship!
Supertankers carry dinosaurs in their bellies and threaten to swallow us up too.

December 15, 2000
A handful of my favorite books of the year, some old, some new.

September 16, 2000
Divided and conquered.
Howard Zinn uncovers the ugly truth about how the U.S. Government has kept the people it is sworn to protect under the heel of capitalist oppression. If you think America is or ever was a democracy, this book will set you straight.

July 4, 2000
Time trips, stumbles, moves on...
Passing the time with three summertime favorites by Ray Bradbury, Martin Amis, and Alan Lightman.

May 10, 2000
You know, when you grope for Luna...
Norman Mailer's classic account of Apollo 11 plus passing references to other sources of lunacy.

March 29, 1999
Drunks Like Us
A classic poem of Prohibition-era debauchery is given new life by Art Spiegelman's jazzy illustrations.

February 8, 1999
Of Mice and Germans
Borowski and Spiegelman bring the Holocaust home.

February 1, 1999
A Prague Trilogy
Three novels examine the eternal Soviet-era question: to flee or not to flee?

January 25, 1999
Life After Irony
Scab-pickin' Kicks with Douglas Coupland

January 18, 1999
All the News that Doesn't Fit
Forget Stephen King, here's a book that's really scary.

January 11, 1999
My Roadtrip with Andrei

Roumanian-born poet discovers that everyone discovers America for themselves.
January 4, 1999
Kurt Vonnegut's Open Book
"God damn it, you've got to be kind."

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