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If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.

William Blake

Abbie Hoffman
  • Steal This Urine Test
    Let's get something straight from the outset. This book is pro-choice, pro-civil liberties, and anti-totalitarian -- American values as old as the Declaration of Independence. However, given the controversial nature of drugs, drug testing, and the prevailing political climate, it may well be mistaken as being pro-drug. That's because virtually everything the average citizen sees on TV or reads in the newspapers on the subject is a combination of irrelevant nonsense and disinformation posing as anti-drug knowldge.

    So begins America's most colorful dissident's attempt to set the record straight through a combination of suppressed facts, thought-provoking rhetoric, and his trademark warmth and wit. A must for anyone who questions the constitutionality of urine tests and other encroachments of government into the personal arena.

Peter McWilliams

William Powell
  • The Anarchist Cookbook
    I bought this way back in the day on advice from a fellow bookstore employee who spent his breaks smoking ganja and listening to Brand Nubian in the mall parking garage. College classmates who studied chemistry warned me against trying the more complicated LSD recipes so my roommates and I contented ourselves to baking 20 lbs. of banana peel scrapings to no good effect and dreaming of the day when we'd soak a sack of morning glory seeds. Accounts vary regarding the accuracy of these recipes (forget the Donovan-inspired banana peel myth--it doesn't work), but one thing is certain: this book outranks Catch-22 and The Holy Bible in's sales rankings, but probably only because it's a lot harder to come by.

Uncle Fester

He has nothing to do with the Addams Family but this guy might just be every bit as creepy. In addition to benign books on psychoactive drug manufacture, other titles include Vest-Busters : How to Make Your Own Body-Armor-Piercing Bullets and Silent Death, a book of poison recipes. Not for minors, and certainly not for chemistry novices, there's a good chance that the only trip which results from following these recipes will be in the back of an ambulance. I include this listing as a public disservice announcement.

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