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October 28, 2023

'twas a sunny day
and it felt like May
tho' it was in late October

the sun it was warm
conditions were calm
so we ventured 'pon the water

with Sarah and Marne
what could go wrong?
everyone was smiling

we paddled about
as the tide drew out
then ran atop a piling

it was hidden from view
and it caught our canoe
we were stuck right in the middle

we worked to get off
but all hope was lost
we budged not even a little

we dug in real hard
and cried "Oh my God--
we're going in a circle!"

watch on youtube we tried it again
and met the same end
nothing seemed to workle

for those on shore
who did not know the score
it must have looked a miracle

for a boat to spin
without moving an inch
is normally impossible

with the sea getting lower
we'd soon tip over
and take a turn for the worse

but then we escaped
with a mighty scrape
when we put it in reverse

we were floating again
but take heed my friend
if you want to get back home

when you're riding high
keep a watchful eye
for what might lurk below