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October 19, 2023


stomped through this day like a gorilla
on a sugar bender. well, perhaps it was
for the most part gentler than that--until
i saw this muddy puddle, perfect depth
for stomping without getting wet. this was
on the walk back from Li'l Dinky's maiden
. it lasted only long enough to munch
a handful of chips, then we had to turn back
to avoid becoming just another statistic as
we were taking on water through a near
invisible crack in the hull. nothing a little
fiberglass won't fix. it's autumn with a
vengeance here, leaves swirling like a
snowglobe. i chase them with a camera,
a madman trying to bottle the moment,
nostalgic impulse inculcated by reading
dandelion wine every summer as a kid.
sunset comes quick this time of year, blink
and you miss it, slanting rays tinged green,
forest light across the channel exuding life
essence--you can see the trees breathe.