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May 1, 2023
we've been gleaning online free lists for months and have
scored ladders, doors, couch, queen bed with mattress,
another queen bed frame with matching dresser and two
night tables, two posh armchairs, a bespoke cactus-shaped
five foot tall cat scratching post wrapped in rope, garden
hoses, solid wood executive desk, 1,000 square feet of
red oak flooring (which we tore out for 2 and a half days),
weed whacker, rolled insulation, willow starts, file cabinet,
futon, wheelbarrow, propane bbq grill, text clock, rakes
and hoes, burlap coffee bags, 8-foot work table, locking
metal cabinet, 4" flexible drain pipe, washer and dryer,
plus a word of mouth hookup that yielded a complete set
of quality stainless kitchen appliances, floor-to-ceiling
cherry bookcase, and 100-year-old rolling baker's cabinet
that is a marvel of craft and design. almost everyone has
been scrupulous in their offered item descriptions. almost.
pulling up to this place for contactless driveway pickup it
was obvious they were unloading junk and a quick push
told me the mower was busted, but i took it anyway and...