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February 13, 2023


                                                                                  today was a journey. after
                                                            errands in seattle, woke up in a neighbor's bed.
                                              P & J are in mexico, lent us a key to use their place as needed.
                                      mighty nice of them! another neighbor let me use his parking space,
                                where i could back up against a wall, a measure of overnight security for
                            free couch i picked up yesterday, so long i had to keep the tailgate down. slept
                         shitty, up early for follow-up transmission appointment in auburn with the 2 Dons.
                       (first i had to load a heavy door onto rack in the dark, so cold my fingers fumbled the
                      straps.) when i got to shop, Don the Younger said, "clutch adjustment? no such thing," then
                    added, "i stepped in dogshit," and wiped his shoe on the asphalt. Elder Don was out but the
                   paperwork said bring back for clutch adjustment at 1,000 miles. Young Don laughed, "Old Don's
                 old school, has people come back. but there's nothing to check." he took it for a spin nonetheless and
               found nothing wrong, which i guess was good news? and at least i got a free cup of coffee out of it.
              had 2 other errands in nearby kent: renew vehicle tabs and pick this weird timepiece up off a porch....