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March 1, 2023
spacer                              for beachcombing, it's tough to
beat the confluence of a river mouth and tideflat.
in our short time here we've come away with many
treasures: an oyster knife and digging tool, various
bits of usable lumber, and an obviously enchanted
homemade crown woven from charms and symbols.
did it slip off the head of a reveling boater or was it
an intentional offering to Poseidon and Amphitrite?
will an affronted sea sprite appear some moonless
night to reclaim it with a beslimed skeletal hand?
as cool and ominous as all that is, nothing thrilled
me like the sight of this 18-foot 3x12. ...but could i
carry it home alone? i pictured it balanced on my
shoulder as i'd struggle to keep my footing on the
slippery shore, but i never even got that far. it was
so waterlogged i could barely lift one end, let alone
pick the whole thing up. this one i left for the gods.