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March 16, 2022
drizzle didn't bode well for a canoe excursion but by the time we got
to Duwamish Gardens boat ramp the sun was out and we had the wind
at our back and practically sailed downstream. sarah paddled and steered from the stern
as i munched a muy macho burrito, purchased with gift certificate she earned sunday
on the boat's inaugural voyage as part of river cleanup flotilla that netted among other
discarded treasures some foam pipe wrap that we now use to cushion our truck rack
and an18-foot 4x4 plucked from the riverbank. sarah certainly has left her mark
on this section of the Duwamish: woven living willow, carved log, and 130 foot
mural. we hoped to time the tide and catch its turn to carry us easily back to the
put-in, but wind was against us so i had to actually do some work. it was still
quite leisurely, time enough to take in the sights, from bucolic to unnatural.