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March 15, 2022
maui is my natural habitat. the whole five weeks i was there i spent most of my waking hours outside, and even indoors fresh breezes blew through open windows. yesterday, i didn't leave our apartment, let alone the building, sealed in a bubble of stale air. here, i need to make an effort to get out and exercise. sporadic sun beckoned, so sarah and i walked to nearby volunteer park water tower, whose two gently spiraling staircases really get your blood flowing. after two years of covid, the city has yet to designate up vs. down to keep visitors from crossing paths in the tight passages, so some anarchists took matters into their own hands and i applaud their initiative. call it CHAS--Capitol Hill Autonomous Signage. spring was in the air, lovers locked together managed to fling a ball to their dog without breaking their clinch. this playground was a sad sight but i doubt the kids mind. as children, we were thrilled to discover a creek whose mud had remarkable sculptural qualities, disregarding that it was effluent from an industrial dry cleaning facility. ah, sweet innocence of youth! we moved from playground to adjacent graveyard, where the famous and obscure ride together through eternity in odd juxtapositions.