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March 1, 2022
John the aeronaut invited us to meet him at Plenty Kiawe, a rugged beach just 8 miles from where we used to caretake. He generously offered us use of ample tent and inflatable mattress, but the biggest draw was the chance to camp with his cat, King Tut. We rolled low and slow over familiar backside roads, stopped at Kanaio overlook for the view and Manawainui Gulch to explore and still landed early and had the place to ourselves until John arrived in his conversion van and we all posted up. I needed a nap, which morphed into a wacky panoramic selfie session. Sarah couldn't resist braiding grass while I ineffectually dumped buckets of sand on a stinking deer carcass, then we sat by the water experimentally photographing stars and surf with a red headlamp as the black rocks clacked.