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February 28, 2022
"Humans evolved to be eaten alive." That's what I told Angela, who shared her story of an arm's length encounter
with a curious-but-luckily-not-feeding great white shark while snorkeling off a kayak earlier today. What surprised her most was how calm she felt as it happened. I continued, "I read an account of a guy who barely survived being mauled by a tiger. He'd already lost an arm and as he listened to its teeth scrape against his skull, he felt no pain or panic, only a detached curiosity." Sarah and John had just come in from sailing and the folding chairs were circled up as Ann-Marie, a special ed teacher and amateur whale whisperer, added her tale of
a swimmer bitten in half when she first moved here from Long Island in the '80s. It's
quite the small boater scene at this beach, where you get to hear stories the Tourism
Authority would rather keep qu-- "Look! Over there! A sunset!" But, srsly, I'm not
here to promote shark hysteria. It's just been surprising hearing so many first-hand
accounts on this trip. I celebrate their presence! It's their ocean; I'm just a guest.