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February 19, 2022
  with Allison overnighting in crater, it was time for a
bachelors' day out at the beach with Barry...and
 his two toddlers, Lili and Aria. was a short
visit, but i'd catch up with them later at
their house in Haliimaile. meantime,
life went on at Dave's, chainsawing
 & chipping a noni tree, pausing
in his labors just long enough
to mix a morning cocktail.
but the vodka didn't seem
to affect his judgment--
he geared up for safety
and refused to stand
in front of the throw
despite my coaxing.
i hardboiled eggs &
packed for our trip to
Haleakala tomorrow,
slowly made my way
to their place with a
stop for pickles, clif
 bars, and other trail
essentials. we smoked
cloves & tried to watch
Twisted Pair but it froze
halfway through--must've
breen the corrupt version....