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February 17, 2022

started this trip with Working by Studs Terkel, a hefty tome
of early 1970s interviews with all classes of people talking
about their jobs. the airport bookstore selection was dismal
so i stuck to it. after i finished, i found Malcolm Gladwell's
Talking to Strangers on the shelf where i'm staying. he has
  his formula down pat and it's interesting but as usual with
him it felt padded. the real surprise has been this exquisite
edition of HP Lovecraft
, $15.99 at CostCo, bound in skin
with gilt-edged pages and purple ribbon marker, it exudes
eldritch energy befitting its arcane contents. old HP is hit
or miss, but at his best he's perceptive, droll, & insightful
as he plumbs numinous depths.