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February 5, 2022

i'm making an art of sitting still while here
but there are times when motion and
distance come into play. caught a ride
with dave on kahului errands then he
dropped me off at barry & allison's
where i pitched in briefly on their
mad dash to put finishing
on ohana remodel.
barry and i indulged two
cloves and he asked if he
should be worried about
a discogs record that
still hadn't arrived one
month after he ordered.
"give it time," i advised.
15 minutes later, it was
delivered. back in olowalu,
invited to watch sunset
at nearby landing, i made
the mistake of walking the
shore to get there, encountered
many obstacles and almost lost my
slippahs to sucking action of surf and sand
wading in the shallows but made it in the end.