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February 4, 2022

my 2016 SE wasn't                      holding a charge and i was eager to upgrade after seeing various    
friends' iPhone 13 photos. i prefer                  smaller and was glad to learn there was a Mini version and though 
it lacks the 6x zoom of the Pro, i                   haven't been
disappointed. still experimenting with its different
features but the results so far have                   reignited my old excitement about photography in its purest sense,
the reflexive framing of light and sha                dow, form and color. this place lends itself to elemental exploration,
the world reduced to its timeless             components: rock, plant, water, sun. the camera's good with backlit  
subjects, too, like JC here with his mom,                but i did sort of regret not having a longer optical zoom to really  
 nail that '70s cliche sailboat silhouette                framed by picture perfect tropic sunset. but at least i got to live it.