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January 19, 2022

the day after the big catfood crisis, i stocked up on an overly optimistic amount of fancy feast for miso. part of me knew it was wishful thinking, another part didn't want to create a self-fulfilling prophecy by buying just a few. in the end, we had a large box of supplies which i drove up to SAFe. while in the area, i cruised by lowe's on aurora, where instead of the usual day laborers you find sex workers in miniskirts lined up at the parking lot entrance. but i was there for a different type of screw, specialty 1/4-20 hex cap to fix a chair. supply chain woes in full effect, i got one of the last that came even close; struck out again at nearby home depot; then figured the fastenerds at stoneway hardware would come through as they so often do, but it turns out they're shuttered for good, latest casualty to relentless speculative real estate churn. last stop was seattle sound repair, tucked away in a hidden pocket of portage bay. a full rehab on my battered sax would've cost $1,000+, but for $44.04 they were able to resurrect 90% of its range--but with the way i blow, i won't even know what i'm missing.