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January 13, 2022

at the end, miso looked like a kitten
again, albeit frail and haggard, down to
half her normal adult weight. it was so
wrenching waking up from fitful sleep
knowing her life was now measured in
hours, Compassion 4 Paws coming at
12:30 to help her along. every moment
was fraught with significance: her last
, last drink, last time curling up on
the couch
. the sun broke through just
for her and we took a last little walk.


she was already sleeping sweetly when the
vet administered a sedative, followed by the
lethal injection. i pressed my ear to her tiny body,
listened as her heartbeat trailed off, a relief for all.
it was a peaceful way to launch her spirit to the stars.
we went for pho, replaced shed tears with salty broth.