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May 19, 2021


What's wrong with this picture? These objects are large, heavy,
and unbalanced. They're fine if you let them lie, but try moving
them and they will try to kill you. We had to move them a bunch
and it was stressful wondering if they might be too heavy for my
somewhat admittedly slightly flimsy rack, already burdened with
rented scaffolding. Every little bump translated into disconcerting
heave and sway on the hour drive to the DEEC, but we made it OK,
transported the pieces half a quarter mile of boardwalk in 90-degree
heat, only to find a major mistake had been made. Know what it is?
Earlier in the day, pondering my mysteriously still sticking clutch, I
thought: the biggest problem is not knowing what the problem is.
These armatures are identical, testament to the fabricator's precision.

       But, as two halves of a single arch, they should mirror each other.
            Something felt off and I was peevish until I figured this out.
               It was a drag having to haul one all the way back for a redo,
                   but it was also a relief to have pinned it down. No one
                   got hurt and there were lessons learned all around.