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April 12, 2021

 It took years, but back in Seattle I know exactly 
 where to go when I need tools or materials for 
 a job, and I guess I've taken that incrementally 
 accrued knowledge for granted, because here 
 in Philly I've had to start over and it's a struggle, 
 difficulties compounded by covid-fueled 
 supply chain snafus. Today's frustration 
 started with Home Depot, who notified me my 
 pre-ordered lumber was ready for pickup. When 
 I went to claim it, they told me I'd have to wait 
 while they picked it off the racks... because it 
 was a big order and they didn't want it taking up 
 floor space on a cart. Whaaaat? I pre-ordered the 
 unwieldy 16-foot 4x4s so I wouldn't have to load 
 them myself, but it turns out that would have been 
 quicker and easier. We didn't have time to wait, 
 so I canceled the order, assuming I could get the 
 stuff on the Jersey side where we were working, 
 but the Cherry Hill Home Depot was chaotic, 
 with the wood I needed buried behind the erratic 
 piles of inventory pictured here, and what they 
 did have in stock was warped useless garbage, 
 so I went away empty-handed. It's hard to keep a 
 sunny disposition on a cloudy day when you waste 
 hours in fruitless pursuit of heretofore basic goods.