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April 10, 2021


Looking at the map, the prospects for a riverfront walk didn't seem too enticing--mostly just
big box stores with acres of parking lot and some presumably inaccessible defunct wharves.
We went under I95 and across 6 lanes of Columbus, past Walmart's shopping cart graveyard,
to where the Delaware River Trail was inexplicably blocked off, but we got around that and
explored the last rotting remnants of a pier being reclaimed by nature, then hopped a fence
and ventured onto broad concrete expanse covered in graffiti and wondered if you could see
 MEOW MAN from space (you can!), little suspecting it was an omen of imminent delight.
We doubled back south and stumbled upon... a stray cat shanty town! Black, white, calico--
all serene as buddhist monks. We were beneath their notice but my life has meaning again.