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  March 20, 2021



Finally caught up with Miso, who flew here
to Sunbury, Ohio with Sarah 18 days ago as
she (Sarah) continued on to Philadelphia.
This is her (Sarah's) parents' home, a sturdy
old farmhouse built around 1835, with some
newer additions, such as this kitchen. Miso
was born somewhere close to here, showed
up a stray kitten on the day of her (Sarah)
sister's wedding way back in fall of 2002.
Since then she (Miso) has flown to Seattle,
then back and forth to Maui, and now here,
a sort of homecoming, though she seemed
kind of nonplussed by it. Her favorite thing
is to drink from the pond, where Meg fished.
Mostly she just sleeps, perchance to dream.
Sarah's parents are so sweet, attending to all
her (Miso's) needs while my arrival kept get-
ting delayed by one thing or another. As luck
would have it, their nearest neighbor in this
sparsely populated area is a vet, who came
over every other day to help with the sub-
cutaneous fluid injections that are now part of
her (Miso's) kidney disease health regimen.
Thanks to all!