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November 4, 2001

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The World Series of Survival: Dogs: 1, Fish: 0
Meg the catcher is MVP; touch photo for highlights

the old Jordan place / nextdoor to Sarah's parents' / in Sunbury / on her 30th birthday. / an old iron, exposed element, / stalled forever Farmall tractor, / a large tire, / rooted trailer, / trees grow up, / around it all / like grass blades / through a small bird corpse. / the field is flat / for the winter, / trees stand naked / stripped by wind. / today it's sunny, / unseasonably warm, / Mini the dog crawls / under low barbed wire, / rusted long, / Meg the medium brown / bounds off, / Sarah calls after, / finally catches her, / "you want the leash?" / she asks / and towards me they walk, / the sun is so warm. / 2 deer turn tail, / some hunters pull up, / "plowed under" i think / of old man Jordan, / his burned down house, / and the black walnut / that used to stand / in this field, / related to me / as a story, / i can almost see it, / branches and leaves, / as you and you and you / are here with me / in this dry yellow dream. / a buzzard circles / and a prop plane / chops the air / into stairs, / climbing into the cloudless blue. / on our backs, looking up, / a dose of infinity, / while on the ground / sarah fingers 2 leaves / "see?" she says, / "soy beans..."