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December 14, 2019

today woke with an alarm, gentle nudge from sarah's phone at 7:30.
it was urgent, she wanted to get out in the rain & mud of a tukwila
riverbank to plant willow stems--what could i do but say yes?

morning, grey, at city fringes, temporary suspension of
the urban imperative, here comes a man with one leg,
struggling in a wheelchair, he lives here in a tent, no
comfort but his pitbull, the only one to protect him.

                                       it's a cruel fucking system.

billionaires should not exist. it's all relative. no
one needs thousands of times more than those
on the lowest peg. greed is a mental illness.

evening, we paid to see It's A Wonderful Life,
that sentimental, all-American deconstruction
of the evils of unfettered capitalism, an existential
horror film that calls individualism into question.

the feeling i had was of a bunch of seattle softies
trying too hard to hide their true feelings. you could
hear the sniffling but we all tried to stifle our tears.

what's wrong with crying? what are we denying?