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December 10, 2019


been suffering a literal pain in the neck that's been wrecking
my sleep so i went to a GP whose exam was so perfunctory he
didn't even look at or touch the affected area until i asked him.
in the end all he did was prescribe a muscle relaxant, which the
pharmacy tried to push 3x more of than i asked for. despite
being warned against them by a neurologist friend because of
stroke risk, i visited a chiropractor who was pitched to me as a
holistic healer. interesting but the adjustments were scary and
left me sorer than when i came in. so then on the day after
thanksgiving i gave acupuncture a try and it was promising
so i followed up with an even better practitioner who was able
to pinpoint the problem through careful attention and intuition.

was it small talk, genuine interest, or just a distraction tactic to
get a better read on vitals when she asked what i did for work?
i don't know, but when i told her i'm a contractor she asked if
i made a lot of lists. not really, i explained, mostly i just draw
plans and visualize the steps; the rest just bounces around in
my head. then, as if to contradict myself, sarah and i made this
list to keep our weekend and then some straight.  ✓  to done!