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November 22, 2019


you can tell we're deep into the 21st
century by how it takes a couple of
different lasers to raise a simple wall.
the bosch level makes it easy to lay
out the plates and studs, the measure
beats tape and is accurate to 1/16" at
up to 196 feet (theoretically). today i
started on the partition wall between
stairs and main space at the vault v2.
new makita subcompact rotohammer
works really well for a concrete drill
that's not much bigger than the dim
brick-like flashlights of my youth.

spacer.gif got this much done, then caught the 40 towards MoM to rhapsodize over mail art with greg. on the way i saw jesse and linda waiting for a bus and did all i could to get their attention; i finally did, but only after my fellow passengers all looked up. after the meeting, got a refreshing dose of punk rock and pizza at mario's. j glover walked in but didn't see me so i texted him from two booths away. amusing to watch him get the text then look around wondering how i was stalking him. days like today with its mix of purpose, promise, and luck give me hope that seattle's still got something worth not leaving for.