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October 21, 2019


for all the twists & turns it took to get here,
i'm quite content with my smalltime solo
general contractor lifestyle. tools are toys
and any given job is just a game of skill
and problem-solving: you set an objective,
overcome obstacles, and every time you
cross the finish line it smells like victory.
if craft isn't fun, why do so many do it as a
hobby? whether art for art's sake or home
improvement, there's satisfaction and pride
in accomplishing tangible tasks. today, on
a job for a neighbor in my building, a little
light demolition revealed this message
from the previous owner, a Boeing
engineer proud enough of his little
bathroom remodel to sign his work.
i chuckled at that, having left scores
of my autograph buried in walls across
seattle over the past 15 years. yes, winning
is sweet... but sometimes there's a rematch.