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August 2, 2019

vault report email recipents

I met Frank at the Vault Friday at 10 am. We were both right on time. We shook hands.

There's a "taco shack" atop the stack. Incongruous, perhaps, but appears tasteful and well-crafted.

vault taco shack

The lock is unchanged. Old key works.

vault gutted pano

Upstairs is totally gutted, even most of electrical pulled but some outlet boxes remain and could be reconnected. All former partitions, the loft, interior walls and doors all gone. Certain apertures have been bricked in, Cask of Amantillado style.

bricked in windows

wall to wall vault pano

yeteryear's patriarch hq

It looks cool, feels good, and has great potential but would require some sweat equity, possibly $. We have $400 left over from slush fund so we could apply that to materials if all agree. I'd be willing to devote a few days' work to building an interior wall/door/loft like it used to be, plus a doubly secure closet in the panel corner. Frank says he can rewire all no problem. Needs new floor covering. We'd probably also frame and panel south wall for soundproofing and -bettering. In the end, it could be much more awesome and functional. There'd be room for a couch. Quiet hours would be Mon-Fri until 7:30pm. That shouldn't affect us.

Buuuuuuut, none of this is a given. Frank is going to negotiate with them. They are pitching it as month-to-month but if we are going to pour in time and money to improvements we will ask for a 2-year lease guaranteed.

So, presently, I give it a 50/50 chance of happening--but that's contingent on who has how much enthusiasm for it. The master rent is $420/month thus I expect we'd be obliged only the same $100/month as before.

I'm interested enough in a practice/studio space that I'd put a fair amount of effort into it. What do you all think? Enthusiasm level? Questions?

Rock on!


Yes, Rich, the AC window remains. Sorry it took so long to reply to yr text.

room with a view