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August 1, 2019


     miso is more    popular than we
are, so when this   fellow bus rider
leaned in to ask,      "how's miso?" i
assumed she was      just another fan who
knows miso from     her sidewalk ambush
where she aggressively solicits attention from
every passerby. but, no! this is Dani,
the kind soul who found miso when
she went missing in mid-june. that
disappearance was scary because
her collar was left at our door, no
explanation, like something out of a
horror movie. she'd been gone only
12 hours when i canceled everything
        and spent all day plastering the
neighborhood with re-used posters,
crossing out the date and sarah's #
because she was away and i didn't
want her to worry. Dani texted
early the next morning to say
she'd spotted miso posing under a poster half a
mile from home. i raced to meet her at a bus
stop, miso in lap, then had to reel her back in
after she walked off without claiming the reward.