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May 8, 2019


i won't say part of me dies
when i leave maui—maybe it's
just torn away, a stray bit of flesh
borne on the wind to some other part
of the world where it catches on a mast,
nestles in belly of a billowed spinnaker
or 'chute as it's called here on the race course.

today i crewed on a neighbor's boat in the weekly
San Juan 24 one-design fleet race on lake washington.
i've been pretty down on the concept of racing—why add
stress to what should be a relaxing activity? but i might be
coming about in my thinking after this evening's regatta. fair
winds on a warm sunny day, a casual skipper who's owned his
boat since 1974, an easy feeling despite a few close calls as boats
jockeyed for position. am i just a bum? there's not much i want out
of this world—wind, water, sun, and some companions is just about all.