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April 28, 2019

spacer.gif Hi, I'm Rich and I took this picture!

No one's quite sure when we first got into The Vault, a strange
concrete utility bunker adjacent to the old McHugh Building.
  It started with $5 drum kit purchased at a garage sale and the
need to find a place to play it. The earliest evidence dates to
late 2008, which kicked off 11 years of weekly meetings,
or about 555 jams under the umbrella 4Shadows,
plus a dozen subgroups based on who showed
up any given week--Remnants, Lightwind,
WÖMBAT, etc. Rich, Will, I, Matt, Jesse,
and Millis (not pictured) made up the
core recidivists and we had scores of
  groovin' guests during our epic run.
It was fun while it lasted! Thanks!