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March 21, 2019

i finally spoke today, after dark,
not because anyone was here but only
to record voice memos of what i saw
in the clouds. last night, moonrise
surprised me. tonight i knew what to
expect and waited for it, watching
the ocean horizon for the first dim
sign of light. what a luxury to sit
and stare in the dark—it was better
than TV! a glow, then a first tiny red
sliver that could have been mistaken for
a ship, now a dome rose from the sea.

this stretch of coast is a cloudmaker.
things happen fast, the sky a lava lamp.
how long have humans played this game?
i imagine our ancient ancestors pointing
and laughing, perhaps reading portents,
seeing the same things i saw tonight:
  horses, birds, cats, camels, bears
(santa and his centipede shopping cart
  would be a little tougher to explain).

depending on the time and place, this
is either a phoenix or praying mantis.
or maybe you see something different?