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March 20, 2019

today i didn't say a word. not for any reason other
than i didn't see anyone else all day. maybe tomorrow
i'll take a break from all media, just to see how that feels.

the days here drift by, one moment to the next, each exact.

passing downpours kept me in bed. why bother getting up?
                                   not going to cut grass when it's wet.

when it cleared, i picked oranges with a small metal cage
attached to a long bamboo pole, sometimes cradling the
fruit then tugging it free with bent wire fingers, or else
knocking ripe clusters; five fell all at once.

i dug out the novel i more or less
finished writing last time here:
White Bluff. it doesn't pop
as a book but maybe as
a screenplay? i'm better
visually than wordly.

reading it is kind of
painful so it was a
relief to go mowing
after 20 of its 168 pages.
spacer.gif  when i got here last week i'd plumb forgot what the
deere 5200's dozen different levers and pedals were
for, but after a quick refresher the feel for it came right
 back. you'd think this task would allow the mind to
wander but it's pretty steep here so i stay focused on
what i'm doing, no real room for daydreaming and
that's a good thing after a morning of agonizing over
words. once i get started it's hard to stop but i finally
backed the tractor into its quonset hut. the mower deck
is tricky in reverse but i'm relearning that maneuver.

  visited the chickens with empty basket and bucket
of feed, a purely transactional relationship.

spent some time with the drooling
, both disgusting and adorable.

found a nice lemon on the
ground, cut it in half, juiced
  it into some water, conscious
of each small movement.       

darkness encroached as sun set on other
  side of mountain. the moon came as a surprise,
rising large and orange out of the ocean, teasing
in and out of shreds of clouds. it looked full to me.