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April 12, 2018

I was dog ass tired and not relishing the prospect of early work wakeup,
but even worse is getting trapped in a cycle where life is reduced to rote
survival practices, so I forced myself out of bed, into socks & pants and
boy was I glad I did. Nothing too exceptional to report, but at some point
after working alone all week it's needful to get out among the people and
Capitol Hill Artwalk provides just that little bit of extra impetus. First stop was
Horizon Books--full house, diverse crowd, youngsters with eyes alight, jazzed
by the bohemian experience of a quirky old bookstore, guitarist in the corner. I remember my first exposures to that brand of excitement!
Just down the street, The Factory featured art about the service industry--mostly restaurants and Disney. We took away a couple of free
maroon paper napkins embossed with Debt printed in gilt letters. Ran into omnipresent Jeff Mihalyo (is that redundant?) at Steve Gilbert
Studio and then wrapped up the evening at the always excellent Vermillion. As usual, in the end I was less fatigued than when I started.