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December 30, 2017

 PISS ON IT mixtape tracklist
i consider the day a success
if i don't have to put on my shoes.
i didn't even venture into the hall.
the mail can wait. sarah got as far
as the QFC, about 100 feet away.
she is so brave. i hunkered down
and continued the process of culling
records from my flabby collection.
time to get lean! while thinning the
heard [sic] i put together a mixtape.
yes, another one. why not? at least
i wasn't looking at a screen all day
(though i did look some at a couple,
like right now as i write, duh). the
world is careening towards a cliff,
ever accelerating, the stakes rising.
i feel i should be doing something
but i don't know what or how. the
end is contained in the beginning
and this downhill slide started a
long time ago. what comes next?