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December 23, 2017

it had been a while since
i felt the fuzz & twinge
of a hangover but that
was to be expected after
last night's martini crawl,
an annual elegant debauch
spearheaded by hoyt and
heidi, this year's excesses
tinged with the sadness
of bidding them goodbye
as they hightail it out of the
country for good. in retrospect, perhaps
it was not wise to mix wine, scotch, gin,
vodka, whiskey, and beer--but then again,
maybe it was really smart? sun was out and
streets quiet for a therapeutic walk to the
frye. nothing like the rarefied space of an
art gallery to blunt the pain and reassemble
the brain. hana hamplova's pictures of
Soviet era paper recycling were soothing
and allison marks' multimedia works
were a refreshing kick to the crotch. 
cider in the cafe, recovery complete.
empty space