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October 3, 2017

there's a tree planted in his name there and
Otto M. Springer appears on a wall of honor
in the holocaust museum in DC. i've seen it
, and i recently asked my niece sarah
to request access to a video they have of an
1992 interview i found out about last week
as i researched in response to the repugnant
resurgence of holocaust denial in the USA
their archive will be made public soon, but i
receieved a secret link (more espionage! Otto
would be proud), which is where this still is
from. he didn't look bad for 86, but his mind
wasn't as sharp as it once was--and even then
my sister and i mocked his "senility" (bad kids,
no wonder he left). the 4-hour interview rambles
and digresses but a theme which repeats is how
so much of what he was able to do resulted not
from any grand plan but mere luck and intuition.
it's an interesting message that goes against the
tendency of historians to create logical
narratives. not what i
would've expected
from the slide rule
and graph paper
guy i grew
up with...
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