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October 3, 2017

that was in ny. his daughters took him to
california. so long! mom had quit smoking
years before but she dealt with this blow by
buying a pack of cigarettes. in retrospect i
don't blame him for leaving. he loved her;
she only married him for the sake of her
children. he was an engineer well past his
peak earning years, we subsisted mostly on
his pension from Germany, which was almost
enough when the dollar was down against the
mark, but when it came back things got tough.
he was hoping to cash in on his memoirs, wild
tales of acting as a double agent in ww2 helping
to liberate jews. his story was complicated--he
was a german national who lived his adult life in
prague and his first wife was jewish. he refused
to divorce her and was sent to a labor camp. i'm
fuzzy on the details and mom tended to mock him
for exaggerating, but some of it must have been
true because years after the separation i got
a picture in the mail of him
bestriding a camel in
jerusalem, where
he was dubbed
a "righteous
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