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November 18, 2016

At best, the election was stolen. At worst, what we're seeing is a silent coup.

In either case, the rule of law as we knew it will no longer apply. The Bill of Rights won't save you.

We must mobilize quickly for mutual support and defense. I'm not a fan of guns but I do believe in armed self-defense.

The oily boys with guns think only in terms of force. No guns? They steamroll you.

Against armed opposition they are slower to act, so I advocate arming if only as a deterrent.

But, being outgunned, the way to thwart the system is by withdrawing from it by boycott, divestment, and general strike.

History is a litany of case studies in human nature. The patterns are predictable because that nature is slow to change.

When things get hot, most people would rather go along to get along than fight. We must firm our resolve now.

Once entrenched, fascism is difficult to dislodge. We're at a volatile moment where power is still up for grabs.

Assume our top-down democratic institutions are useless. Start building from the bottom up now.