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November 17, 2016

                      view of a raw attice being remodeled
My mom, bless her, made terrible cheese sandwiches--just one square American between two slices of white. Maybe we were poor. Today Steve and I wrangled 2 16' 2x12s into an attic, first by tilting out a lower window, then hefting overhead between exposed ceiling joists. They just barely fit. Once upstairs, we made a sandwich with thin plywood strips between the thick planks, glued and nailed, strapped in place, a beam to replace the interior wall that previously held up the ceiling. It was satisfying.

For lunch we went to Ezell's Fried Chicken, 3-piece spicy dark meat lunch combo with corn and bean sides, ate outside on a public bench surrounded by curious crows we fed scraps. They would only come so close, but I'm hopeful we'll become friends. Remarkable creatures, they and the rats will outlast us all. 
panoramic view of public
                      bench lunch picnic attended by three crows, more
                      came later